Insights into my Facebook Page is so Engaging

My social media pet peeve is businesses using Facebook incorrectly ie as a personal profile, not a page. My opinion stems from ethics, authenticity and transparency as its against Facebook guidelines and rules. Sites like Facebook retain good policies and practices for a reason ie protecting younger, older and vulnerable citizens and also stopping bullies. So, if businesses bend rules in one area… why would they not in another? Point blank, I don’t like it. There’s also a very valid BUSINESS reason why a business should use a Facebook page and not a profile. The analytics. Insights as they are known on Facebook. … Continue reading Insights into my Facebook Page is so Engaging

interacting via the team

driving traffic to a website has to be one of the most popular emerging trends facing online. we talk about, discuss it, argue occassionally and generally not all get it right all the time. even i don’t (i never said i was perfect). traditionally we would put up a website. send an email to a few friends, a database of prospects or media and hoped like hell people flocked. we got frustrated when they didn’t. we asked around. hmmm, everyone saw the email but when they went to use the website again funnily enough they couldn’t remember the link name … Continue reading interacting via the team

interact and control your destiny

One of the biggest concerns that I have for friends who have websites is that too often they lose control of their own destiny. For some reason this trend started years ago. No matter how loud the voice, friends and business owners still don’t take care of their own website domain information and passwords. Do you? I hear all the time “oh, the web developers will know that”. So my response to my friends has generally been – “oh, so since when has your web developers owned the keys to your business? I hope it’s only the spare set?“. My … Continue reading interact and control your destiny