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driving traffic to a website has to be one of the most popular emerging trends facing online. we talk about, discuss it, argue occassionally and generally not all get it right all the time. even i don’t (i never said i was perfect).

traditionally we would put up a website. send an email to a few friends, a database of prospects or media and hoped like hell people flocked. we got frustrated when they didn’t. we asked around. hmmm, everyone saw the email but when they went to use the website again funnily enough they couldn’t remember the link name (or URL in web speak).

then someone brought in privacy laws. that meant we had to ask permission to send the email to them. hmmm, that meant they needed to get to the website first. we then all used meta tags to help the search engines find us. then someone gave them a bad name (i still very much believe in meta tags and if you want to do business with government on any level, you had better learn about them). hmmm, but then everyone did that and suddenly it got harder and harder to be found in the search results (if at all). hmmm, once again they didn’t find us.

so, we had to get a bit savyier.

we started including our website link in all of our communications such as our emails, promotions and newsletters. hey, we even just promoted the website using traditional media like TV, radio and print. but today even that doesn’t always help. well, it may help first time. but do yo really get repeat business?

so what does help?

the web that is woven around one single website these days is a far more intense, linked and worked experience.

it’s why one of my favourite sayings is “im working the room”. it takes real effort to get people to visit your website. and then keep them coming back.

typically it needs interaction. and your full attention.

so, i asked around some mates what they do.

the typical response was for them to link between their own websites and from other websites. meaning, your own website (domain) links to your own blog, and your facebook (myspace, othersocial) then links to your website or blog, etc. your blog then has little widgets installed to link them back to those social media sites where you interact. etc etc.

these days, one website never sits alone. it has become team web.

i’d be interested how your “team web” is going and would love to showcase some examples for others if you wish to post a comment. xc

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