Insights into my Facebook Page is so Engaging

My social media pet peeve is businesses using Facebook incorrectly ie as a personal profile, not a page.

My opinion stems from ethics, authenticity and transparency as its against Facebook guidelines and rules. Sites like Facebook retain good policies and practices for a reason ie protecting younger, older and vulnerable citizens and also stopping bullies. So, if businesses bend rules in one area… why would they not in another? Point blank, I don’t like it.

There’s also a very valid BUSINESS reason why a business should use a Facebook page and not a profile. The analytics. Insights as they are known on Facebook.

For years I have managed very large websites and tracked and monitored users with the dedication of a NASA security officer… to make sure a business gets the best from their investment. Websites aren’t cheap. They need to meet business objectives of company growth, brand strength or overall awareness. Website analytics help. They help me understand which pages people go to, how long they stay there, how they got there, what platform they were using (it’s amazing how much the mobile traffic has grown these past two years – amazing). So, for me, managing a Facebook page would be given the same dedication to monitoring and tracking analytics. Why wouldn’t it be? A Facebook page is essentially the same as a website. It delivers information about a company/business to an audience.

Businesses SHOULD therefore want to understand metrics, return on investments and basic user statistics to keep the service on track. You cant do this as a Facebook person. People don’t have stats. But you can as a page.

And now Facebook Insights just got even better.

Facebook Insights has always dished up some basic user demographic information and page interests, but what we’ve seen developing these past six months, firstly with the introduction of things like post impressions and feedback percentages (eg 624 Impressions (the raw number of times this story has been seen on your Wall and in the News Feed of your fans) · 2.88% feedback ) has now developed into a full breakdown against posts of people engagement. What stories they talked about the most, shared, liked and what that reach looks like. As we know, an important element of all social media is the social element – the word of mouth… the connections of who knows who and how it can be passed along virally. This is an exciting development and I cant wait to see more.

I do so hope those businesses who set up as “people” will finally start to understand the benefits of using Facebook Pages. This is just one benefit. There are many others.

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