interact and control your destiny

One of the biggest concerns that I have for friends who have websites is that too often they lose control of their own destiny. For some reason this trend started years ago. No matter how loud the voice, friends and business owners still don’t take care of their own website domain information and passwords. Do you? I hear all the time “oh, the web developers will know that”. So my response to my friends has generally been – “oh, so since when has your web developers owned the keys to your business? I hope it’s only the spare set?“.

My advise. Simple. The next time you are on the phone (or email or chat) with your web developer, ask them to send to you the relevant information in regards to your domain registration. This would include information such as your:

  • Domain Host
  • Domain Name
  • Domain Account ID
  • Server ID and Location
  • Login User Name
  • Login Password

And anything else that is relevant. Perhaps how they capture your website statistics for example. Then keep it safe. Off you go.

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