Insights into my Facebook Page is so Engaging

My social media pet peeve is businesses using Facebook incorrectly ie as a personal profile, not a page. My opinion stems from ethics, authenticity and transparency as its against Facebook guidelines and rules. Sites like Facebook retain good policies and practices for a reason ie protecting younger, older and vulnerable citizens and also stopping bullies. So, if businesses bend rules in one area… why would they not in another? Point blank, I don’t like it. There’s also a very valid BUSINESS reason why a business should use a Facebook page and not a profile. The analytics. Insights as they are known on Facebook. … Continue reading Insights into my Facebook Page is so Engaging

EveryDay PA Recommendation

Amanda and I met at a Sue Redman Luncheon. She was a confident, friendly girl who just shined. Happiness oozed. It soon became apparent why after hearing what she did for a living. Her life must be so organised and sorted and in control, quite simply why wouldn’t she be happy? She had no capacity to have any niggling doubts or issues. It made me “want” what she had. Pleeeeease. Now we all know we can’t just “want“. I say to my girls “I want, dont get” all the time. But gosh, I could still strive for it. Yes? That … Continue reading EveryDay PA Recommendation

Online Implications and Reputation Management

Online reputation management has been a major risk to all and discussed frequently for businesses – my own included. We’re all human – and not everyone likes us, that’s a fact. Of course if holding some form of public position (eg politics) this gets played out on a daily basis and almost becomes part of the job. However, for a regular girl with a regular business trying to make regular ends meet, the complications and implications increase. Word of mouth can be a vicious thing. But why is it different now? One negative word online, equals, enormous implications offline. Do we … Continue reading Online Implications and Reputation Management

enter the real world… the onliners world.

a roundabout response to todays Advertiser Article we have been self moderating each other online for years. its nothing new really. online communities have a way of shunning and rejecting people who step out of synch or line with best practice or “niceness”. spammers, cyber bullies and pushers with the attitude that “its all about me” are soon ignored and moved on from. its a “dont try this at home scenario”. you just dont do it. or you do it once and LEARN FAST. now, papers love to talk about this negativity. the cyber bullies. but in reality they (the … Continue reading enter the real world… the onliners world.

Social networks; modern day graffiti

Your website is your piece of real estate online. An open door to all. Social media platforms have created more roads and highways for people to find you, and so you are far more visible, making you far more vulnerable and exposed, to all types of global traffic. Keep in mind most of that traffic finds you via Google or Bing or some other search engine too. If we consider the giants for a moment – Telstra, Bonds, and Vegemite to name a few… if these companies ever step out of line with their public, the public soon let it be … Continue reading Social networks; modern day graffiti