Amanda and I met at a Sue Redman Luncheon. She was a confident, friendly girl who just shined. Happiness oozed. It soon became apparent why after hearing what she did for a living. Her life must be so organised and sorted and in control, quite simply why wouldn’t she be happy? She had no capacity to have any niggling doubts or issues. It made me “want” what she had. Pleeeeease.

Now we all know we can’t just “want“. I say to my girls “I want, dont get” all the time. But gosh, I could still strive for it. Yes? That peace of mind from niggling little things that never get done. Like my superannuation. What an absolute BORE of a topic. URGH. I can’t believe Im writing about it (but it’s my best example).

It’s true. Amanda sorted it. She researched, scoured, sourced and found me 13 different super funds (five I didnt even know about cause I had forgotten about them), then completed the forms and gosh gosh gosh all I have to do is sign some stuff and send it all off!!!

So, this is a personal recommendation to contact Amanda if you need something sorted – it really is. The website explains the full extent of what – but it’s up to you and only if you need… #end