Do Social Media Personalities Create Sales

As much as we would all like (to like) you just for you (in your business sense), online exposes as much about our personality as it would if you were a private friend. We get to know each other quite well!! So have a think about your personal circle of friends and consider who you attract, then consider…
Would you buy from them? As in buy what they suggest. even when you didnt personally know them? would you? Have you?
To be upfront; I attract strong, very social personalities, who are business owners, professionals, wine lovers, life lovers, relaxed, opinionated, dedicated and committed individuals. no doubt about it. We share all sorts of stuff.
I have really good online friends like this – as much as I have offline. In that – I have many friendships but there’s no way I have met them all.

So, do I buy or listen to people who arent in my close circle of friends and I only know from online?

Note: one can only summise that we are attracted online to the people who we would normally be attracted to in our offline or personal private circle.
Interesting concept.
What does this mean to a company asking for brand endorsement online via a social media person? Does it mean anything? Does it have to? I’d love to hear others opinions in relation to this. I’m NOT talking about an existing offline brand that promtes as a brand or a scenario where a “personality” promotes a brand, I’m talking about “charlie regular social media person with followers” (me) being able to endorse brands. Do you think it’s a possible thing to do? Is a social media person able to become a personality and promote a brand? Or will they loose credibility?
The pondering has come about because i have been offered a few “affiliate marketing” opportunities recently – and believe me you will know what they are when and if they start, so dont panic – however it has made me sit back and think “would people, followers, and friends align with the “charlie regular social media person with followers” to the point that we could actually sell something?
What do you think? Wanky or a good thing. I’d love your opinion.


2 thoughts on “Do Social Media Personalities Create Sales

  1. There is no question in my mind that people will want to listen to what “charlie regular social media person with followers” promotes and some will progress from considering a product to purchasing based on your promotion.

    But the long term key will be your follower’s capacity to rationalise why you have made the recommendation.

    If your followers either have no disconnect (its clear why you would make the promotion) or the initial disconnect can reconciled through rationalisation then there is limited damage to your reputation and a chance a sale will result, for example you recommend a photographer, at first I may not be certain as to why (some disconnect) but I know your a social media person, I reflect that your sites have imagery, it starts to reconcile and seems reasonable as to why you would have an opinion on a photographer, there is limited chance that your personal brand is damaged and perhaps I might hire the photographer myself.

    But recommend to me a brand of dog food?

    Suddenly there is a pretty large disconnect from what I know of Charlie “all round communications expert and Red wine drinker” that I cannot reconcile with Dog Food.

    Humans being human cannot cope with that, so faced with no rational explanation our minds fill that gap by creating one – a rational explanation is devised – I don’t understand why Charlie would tell me to buy this dog food, so it must be for money, they must be paying her to tell me.

    Suddenly your personal brand goes down a notch and there is probably no chance of a sale.

    Stick to products that you are happy to promote and provide a rational explanation and it could get interesting.


    1. very good opinion Darrin. i like it.
      in my review of what i do and dont want to promote i had these exact thoughts – but am still in dilemma about it all.

      i like to be upfront and honest about what i promote and to be frank ive never been paid (the one time i was actually offered money, i never received it but i didnt care because i liked being referred to the service regardless LOL – maybe that was their game? im a sucker ahahaa)… anyway… i am more of a networker – creating functions and events just bringing people together. once again, i dont get paid HOWEVER i do build a lovely community to share stuff with.

      and it’s this where it’s time to consider the marketing prospects of this… without me loosing the reputation and credibility i have strived so hard to maintain. i DO NOT categorically want to be a marketing machine… not my capper. but anyway… dilemmas… but thankyou for your thoughts!! xc


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