the #liebich experience… what do you do when you get offered to ride in a limo for an hour as a “test of the service”? you twitter the experience and post fotos all over flickr and facebook of course!!

myself, keryn and dana all hoped in the back and here’s some of the tweets:

charlierobinson: is going to twitter to you tonight about the #liebich experience ๐Ÿ™‚
charlierobinson: so we hav officially left the building and started the #liebich experience xc
charlierobinson: just vibrated the pocket for the liebich in the #liebich experience
charlierobinson: RT @luvmylatte: @charlierobinson good good good vibrations #liebich
charlierobinson: RT @Kamtiger: @charlierobinson What’s this new #liebich hashtag. Has German twang to it ๐Ÿ™‚ // liebich limousines yaah !! Yep, in one soon
charlierobinson: on the #liebich experience flittering xc (@ adelaide)
adriankhall: @Kamtiger i think @charlierobinson is referring to [link] #liebich
Kamtiger: @adriankhall Me think #liebich wines will go well with #liebich limo. Check out the mirrors on the roof! LOL
adriankhall: RT @Kamtiger: @adriankhall She’s on this. @charlierobinson [link] What a beauty! <- Note the wine @ the bottom #liebich :))
charlierobinson: had an amazing #liebich experience, bring it on!!!!!!!

and the fotos on facebook show we had a lot of fun xc