05/04/2010:: twitter365

YUP. And this is how we STARTED the day. Can you imagine how it ended?

LOL. seriously we had a hoot. beautiful setting in the hills, fantastic company and yummy food. we spoke all day about who knew who and who was doing what. friends do that and this was a group where some knew each other and some didnt but we all have common people that we knew. adelaide is weird like that. funniest quote from the day – which i cant contain or keep to myself was “im sure there is another group having a BBQ like us, talking about us”. YUP. that’s life. xc

One thought on “05/04/2010:: twitter365

  1. Hi Helen, nice meeting you last Monday.Yes the conversation was interesting to say the least, especially as it seemed to revolve around all sorts of information I had no idea about re two of my ex partners….I’m always the last to know!!!!

    Seriously though enjoyed your company…mignt see you at the school crossing, I’m the one in the strange car the kids love pointing at.


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