19/01/2010:: Twitter365

quick tea with the girls tonight.

it’s been a full day.
had to increase privacy settings on facebook due to unwelcome visits to me and friends by the individuals. i, like most, love a joke and a bit of fun but not this type!! anyway, lets hope they move on of their own accord. its true i dont know everyone on my profile personally – how could i with 1360 contacts? seriously – lets be real. many connect because of similar interests, my wine group, my social media interests, some for a laugh etc… and some obviously just for the peep show. this side of it kinda creeps me out but i generally just ignore… they are tame if you leave them be – and i dont say too much up there that’s gonna get the personal side of me into any real trouble. but i do have my daughters and their friends – so when i get a creepy stalking – well, that’s different. that’s a whole new kettle of fish. so, it’s a lesson to always be careful and watchful. for us all. so, we all had a good chat about it on facebook today c/o my status update. never hurts to remind 🙂

secondly, my border (dana) received "mayorship" of my very own home on foursquare.com LOL what a shock. i am now in the race to try and sort that!!

thirdly, we had to all comment on amburgers blog – What song made you want to shake your booty this week? waytoruinthemoment.blogspot.com/2010/01/is-your-booty-sha… (have you answered? i have).

fourthly, always hapi to help friends, lend support, be there, prop up, hug, work wonders, help promote, whatever and really hapi to have the support back. just never take it for granted. good old fashioned values. nothing wrong with them. i am reminded of this constantly lately – to remember my core values, be who i want to be and be strong. sounds wanky and i soooooo dont care. its my thought for the day 🙂 xc

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