Familiar with the term information overload? Years ago I connected globally through the use of “smart groups”. These groups emailed each other. Soon emails got too much. Now people blog. Or Twitter.

Or swop excellent ideas in videos through services like TED. Essentially though, we still interact. We still learn through each other. It’s all good.

And, I’m getting the hang of blogging, although I will stand by my original statement. I want to put all bloggers in one room so that I can chat to them. I’ll explain.

My blogs include interests as a communications consultant for an energy company looking at sustainable futures. Then, to keep up with trends, there’s the online world of blogs and twitters about new media, PR, and marketing. To cover personal preferences there’s blogs from wine consultants because I love to drink the best, fashion because I believe in style, and then other bits and pieces associated with people, culture and socializing, just because. I have collected in the past two months a total of 35 blogs that contain over 1400 articles that I have waiting for me to check, read or delete.

I created my own blog. But haven’t written for it. Not yet.

Having said that, I have a website (URL) where I occasionally post reports and writings, a personal and freelance FaceBook profile, a couple of FaceBook groups that I manage, and a Twitter account. I also comment on others blogs when I have time.

I do understand how overwhelmed some people get. It’s a whole new world out there


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