Interact Internationally; Sell Globally

Service the globe.

I’ve chatted to a few people recently about various different online ideas, especially when product & sale are jointly involved, and each time the conversation comes back to “how do you service internationally when you aren’t sure about legals or capacity to service or trust or even simply the market there etc”?.

The result or response has seen many companies simply ignore the global market potential by not offering a service or solution. But let’s face it, online is global. And there is potential out there.

Let’s consider three customer scenarios.

  1. You travel to a country, LOVE a product but can’t buy it once you go home?
  2. You are a South Australian wine lover… who has moved over to London and still want to be able to drink your favourite South Australian wine?
  3. You see a product online but the store doesn’t post outside their own country.

They are all really more about a person (customer) getting hold of a product and getting it to their own doorstep. Hassle free.

So, it got me thinking. Obviously companies can’t always provide a service (for whatever reason). So why not offer a new service? One simply to service the globe. For friends.

So, the “Friend” buys for an eg American (or British or Italian, or Frenchie etc) here in Australia and sends it to them. On their behalf.

Would be like having a local on your side. So, what would stop us? Love to hear others thoughts. xc

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