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Have been teaching myself a few new tricks the past couple of days. Firstly, I installed skype. This was a suggestion from an overseas friend, however it seems it’s like most things, once you mention something, everyone comes out of the woodwork. I’ve been playing chinese checkers and having an absolute HOOT with the emicons. Got to talk to Leila tonight via skype and she was out and about being the socialite. **glad the guy went away who wanted to … hmmm anyway.

Secondly, there’s a whole bunch of WAP mobile gadgets we’ve set up at work that has been interesting. I’m certainly learning there.

Thirdly, (at work) we posted a career opportunity on LinkedIn, using my personal account (so posted as an employee). This was toe in the water stuff. It worked. I got called whilst at lunch in the middle of a very busy Rundle Street and the guy has already sent in his CV application. Quite impressive really.

Finally, I’m writing this post from Flickr. I’ve done this before but it’s like all things, I delved deeper and worked out how to place images on maps. Probably not too startling for all you Flickr experts out there. But just the next step.

A little like when I first started FaceBook… and then Twitter… each step makes me understand more (some of it is a very quick, steep learning curve ie like the guy who… yep anyway). Its a fun and enjoyable process. Especially when with each step I get to play and learn with my friends. Much prefer this than sitting in an old-fashioned lecture hall anyday!!

So, what’s next? xc

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