charlie interacts with government – one day

I’m starting to read comments from professional bloggers asking (or complaining) that government offices and corporate bodies haven’t taken up the social media capabilities fast enough. It’s true, I’ve written on many occasion the dilemmas I personally face as a corporate communication consultant introducing web services and technologies in to our day to day operations. I have had many a conversation internally about security issues, privacy issues, just plain old waste of time staff issues and all the rest that management throw at me. It’s a little like a cracked record. But I don’t like sitting back and waiting for the day that it will all be better and we “can now do it”. I like to do.

So, perhaps if we reflect on the “what will happen to make the change”. Hmmm… just like 10 years ago when email was introduced. And probably 10 years before that when the phone system came on. It’s really just a typical human trait that makes us resistant to the change. So, let’s work the room on that one.

Us humans need success stories.

So, why don’t we create some? Together. Us corporates.

I am winning @ work on the recruitment front (with the use of several tools). In particular networking to find potential candidates is the perfect excuse to demonstrate the power of services such as LinkedIn and even FaceBook in this space. So that’s what I’m doing. All good there. For me. What else would be a quick win? I was reading about onboarding tonight through the use of wiki induction packages. I could go there and try that. We have a project open @ the moment to review induction. So, there’s a few toe in water examples. Anyone got any others?

But, as far as that working for government, well it’s just not a reality. Yet. I’ve worked in the departments who personally managed services around attraction campaigns into state government. HOWEVER, what will work is the corporate demonstrating to government how to do it. The they won’t want to be missing out on the action.

So, I guess it’s back to me.

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