charlie interacts with the kids

will the adults please leave the playground? let the kids play.

i get it. people want a professional image and to be adult. they say, we should have the right profile image, say the right things, be diplomatic. agreed. but i do think sometimes we can let the guard down and just have some fun. read “fun”. and isn’t that what FaceBook is all about? a bit of mucking about and sharing some stuff?

i read this post earlier from Scobleizer [link] who said “It’s no business “utility” if I can’t make infinitely large friend lists and use those lists in the same way I use email (which Facebook also bans).” and thought… well yes, FaceBook isn’t for building big business anyway – its to play and network. what Scobleizer recommends is using FriendFeed – which i do. here’s mine:

as I have said in an earlier post – FaceBook is the “after party”. so, leave the serious stuff to your blog, FriendFeed, LinkedIn and Twitter interactions and throw all the sheep at me from FaceBook that you want… but please do treat me as your friend. even if i’m a new friend. i don’t like playground bullies, so no, im also not into all the spam abuse through groups, applications and others. remember the rule – if you cant do it to the face, don’t do it at all. even kids get that.

see you on the feed xc

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