Interacting with individuals.

There’s been a bit of ongoing fuss about online identities for a while now. The general rule is to just be yourself and treat others as you want to be treated. Simple.

Online does has the power to create a world that is unknown to others though. For some this is a key benefit. They can hide. Or they can promote, market, sell or indeed find a way to express their creativity. Their inner self. I probably like to think I’m in the latter crowd (expressing my inner self) but that’s probably my own fantasy. I’m very much what you see, what you get – online and off. Sorry, but that’s a fact!!

However, i do have empathy and respect for those who try to develop an online brand and persona. Some people are making a stack of money out of it. That said, you really can’t cover a personality. Online (maybe even off). It shines through. From the way we respond to when we respond, to what we say to how we say it. You really have to admit we are one person… whether we are covering ourselves with a cute image or full frontal face picture on white background, it’s our actions that speak more volumes about our personalities and reveals our inner being. We have our own ups and downs. We have our own highs and lows. And we all have good days. And we have our bad.

So, where am I going with this? Well, to be honest it makes me more trusting of the people I be-friend online. I gave myself an interesting challenge to limit my FaceBook friends to under 400. Just when the FaceBook world all wanted over 1000 or more in order to do “whatever” I made a stance that I wouldn’t. I would weed out and move on friends that I hadn’t connected with. It was a choice that I’m glad I made. I have moved through that cycle and the people I now connect with are more valuable and more enjoyable. We have far more similar interests as I took the time to know them better and they in turn have referred better connections for me.

But – they all do come with their own individual personalities and traits that I’m enjoying getting to know. And they can’t hide them. I love that. So, thanks to all the individuals out there doing their stuff. It has made me appreciate all the individuals in my offline world. And I love it when offline overlaps with on. I asked one who has just crossed to “describe yourself in six words”. The response came as “extroverted mad energy work-o-holic party soccer“. I thought “yep”.

How would you describe yourself. Do I know you? Let’s interact.

Charlie would love to start the conversation with you...

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