interacting in peace

hi everyone. i’ve had a great weekend filled with friend visits and laughter. many a time the conversation changed to online and the various new media services that we play on. in fact it wasn’t just conversation… we even shared and played together (side by side). a new experience for me as most of my interaction is done via my office or loungeroom listening to music. alone!!

but it was fun. and im sure many friends got a laugh from the results.

for me personally, i got a laugh when my daughter became a plurker. for plurks sake. but it’s all good. in the main, Plurk is one of the friendliest (and most protective) social environments I’ve been involved in. ever. and she will learn a lot from many of the conversations.

but to turn to peace. one plurking conversation turned racist. a social environment with conversations and interaction is certainly going to attract a wide variety of views… but it was a disappointing moment. and one that caused (a healthy) debate (about social sites) amongst my friends. but – we did quickly move on after declaring the offending comments as being made by… well… someone we just wouldn’t associate with!!

in all, a great weekend, some good conversation and a few lessons learnt. one lesson that i wanted to share was a comment made about “too many emails” coming from FaceBook. Just a tip (from me) is to pop into your “account” area and update your Email Notification settings. These days you don’t need to get an email for practically ANYTHING. I don’t. I just login and check ad-hoc and when I’m ready.

A far more peaceful way to interact with the service.

Til next time, take care xc

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