interacting and linking, come follow

the web is best when the links are working. hey, and what better way to build a community than have us all “following each other” via links!! it’s the latest laff / carry on i’ve seen in blog world for ages.

it all started with Odi’s Ramblings ( new to blogging but not Plurk, he decided to “have a go” and then told all and sundry about it ie come follow… and follow they did (who could resist – everyone loves him anyway). he got more hook ups and links to his blog in 24 hours than i’d been able to generate in six months (grrr girls)!! although the proof will be in the analytic s cause i know i get more clicks (nah nah tehe) 🙂

off course being the traditional information manager from way back, my heads sits firmly in the belief that linking to sources rather than repeating and duplicating is always the best method. its what the web is best for. why quote when you can link to the source? why repeat words, why repeat anything – pay respect and just link!!

so, i asked everyone (on Plurk) again to follow (as you do for a laff)…. i can now boast a healthy number (still not matching the stats but it will get there).

Interestingly, with Odi showing this community that blogging isn’t so hard – all of a sudden we have some new players, such as:

So life will continue to intertwine, and link. Hmmmm, and there’s the basis of discussion in another blog!


PS why not try:

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