media is a funny beast. we all want it. we all need it. but there are times when it needs to back off and let be.

but who dictates when. who holds the standards. i do wonder if mine are too high. but then.

my twin bro died in an accident where he fell 60m of a cliff. tragic. freak. the media tried. no-one talked. they only had family to get hold of. dead end.

my corporate job is different. media have someone to get hold of. to be professional with. to ask questions of and insist an answer from.

i’m professional. and i believe in educational and informative media.

but i can say this past week has been tough. i didn’t need to lose my bro to know that. but i have remaimed calm and professional. i have to. ive been there. i know what that family is going through. they have lost a loved one.

so the next media robot that comes stalking my way… forget your story. you don’t deserve it. xc