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my parents separated twice when i was a kid. i thought it was great because at christmas they would compete with each other over giving better presents.

i love my mum so so much. she is such a sweet innocent childlike person.

my mum was in a major car accident that killed the driver of the vehicle when i was 8. she lost 2 fingers and suffered quite a bit of body damage. she (mum) stayed with her mum for 3 months and we (kids) didn’t see her. the driver was my mum’s boyfriend and my “second dad”. he was such a lovely man to my mum (and me).

i have never made my lunch for work.

my dad got parkinsons when he retired and only lived another 10 years. the supposed restful time of his life was fraught with illness. some say “pay back”. he ate bacon and eggs for breakfast (cooked by my mum) every single day of his life. i suspect even when he was 8 months old (but maybe not cooked by my mum then).

i lived in sydney for nearly 8 years. i went over as the stepping stone to bigger things. but it taught me that “ideas” dont always pull off the way you intended. i moved back to adelaide. i LOVE adelaide. or “RADelaide” as we say.

my (first) ex-husband had custody of my daughter and took her to england with him when he went there for work. the agreement was 18 months. i didn’t see my daughter for about 9 years. there are things i should have done in those 9 years. i should have, could have, would have… but i didn’t. i thought i was doing the right thing at the time. we dont always get things right.

i have to have the radio volume set to an even number. i hate people touching me when i first step out of a shower. i like to be dry. i hate sweat with a passion. i have only one girlfriend who understands all this. and i am improving (relaxing about it). it is my challenge / goal.

my friends mean the world to me. the friends i talk about are those who have been in my life through EVERYTHING… my marriages, my deaths, my births, my development. me. my more recent friends are icing.

i live online. it gives me the feeling of acceptance. for so long i struggled with not fitting in. online i feel like i do. it’s true. my prefernce isn’t to reveal too much about myself generally!! why am i writing this? eeek

dyslexia is something i reckon i could have. but i always got A’s for english and ANYTHING to do with writing, reading, spelling, etc. so go figure. obviously don’t have dyslexia.

i have a small handful of exceptionally good friends. they have hung with me for years and years, through thick and thin, ups and downs. my unconditional lovers (without the kinky stuff).

have never been a fan of eating desert. prefer cheese & port.

i would love to own and run a centre supporting business owners in all things that “interact”. let’s interact. (dreams are made of these.)

it’s good to dream. i do. and i even occasionally make things happen. the way they are meant to.

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