Day Ninety, what a crime

to spend time,
with these two characters…

no seriously, at the lunch breaks we just all mingled and chatted to “whoever”. it was a mix of distribution, transmission and retail so we all had different stories.

today was a tad disappointing. the “new technology” guy gave a year old presentation… had no real examples about Twitter (seriously I should have stood up and done the gig) and they spent way to long chatting about Internal Comms.

I 100% agree and believe that internal comms are important – but they aren’t unique to our industry.

BUT… it’s all lessons learnt. so i provided my constructive feedback about the additional topics we could cover next year.

it was a healthy mature seminar room – EVERYONE spoke, contributed, asked questions, answered questions and got involved. really nice to see.

i may have shocked them though (boom boom) if I’d mentioned i’d twittered a few comments and pictures from the room… they;re still a slightly more conservative crowd – that said, they are well aware of the impact of Twitter in a major weather/media crisis xc

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