Day Ninety Three, Toby’s glee

aaaaw he missed his mummy and he got a nice cuddle on the sofa… he was seriously very happy. purring away 🙂

i had a day off. very relaxing. saw me mum, did a heap of washing, cooked me roast dinner for the girls and cuddled me cats. just what the doctor would have ordered i reckon!! i feel great. xx

3 thoughts on “Day Ninety Three, Toby’s glee

  1. Toby obviously missed you- looks blissed out there! Currently Bendix is trying to deploy 55 copies of Flock at the same time by leaping onto the jeyboard after food scraps!! Aggrrhhh!!!!


  2. yup, cats’ll do that for ya. very good theraputic value – when they are not destroying the furniture or tripping you up in the middle of the night on the way to the loo etc


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