Day One Hundred & Twelve, he has done the delve

we attended the dawn service for anzac day. whilst it was way too early for me to really focus on anything, two things moved me (well, kinda three, but i’ll explain).

firstly, hearing the last post for the first time in real life. standing close to rowan and knowing some of his stories, feeling for other families surrounding, knowing my dad’s pride at just having been involved at the end of the 2nd world war and what he got to contribute (*he was too young) and then it all culminating in hearing that bugle. weirdly, it was almost calming. but beautiful too.

then secondly, meeting this young man in the coffee shop after who has now served three times overseas in active service. he’s just too young. way to young. here was this cute young guy sitting with his cute girlfriend, full of seriousness, shyness and pride at his achievements. it actually blew me away.

the other thought i had for the rest of the day was how beautiful Quinny (in the hat) was at simple connection. saying hello and striking up the conversation with the young guy in the first place. i feel like i’ve been there before, but more like years ago. it gave the whole morning a real sense of community, pride, common fellowship and was just simply lovely.

what a lovely day. have to thank Rowan and Jim for inspiring me to go but myself for actually seeing that time of morning. i was determined not to miss this year. almost a sense of duty for myself. not really being affected by my personal family, i have increasingly felt it for other families, and this could simply be because i understand grief now through the loss of my own brother. to have so many families across the globe affected by wars is just wrong. why o’why do we still do it? when it isn’t the answer.

let us never forget, ever. let us look to the future to find the answers in a more peaceful way. let us learn the art of negotiation, strength, peace without a show of aggression. let us be. xc

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