Day One Hundred & Sixteen, where ya been?

ahhaaaa i have no idea what to talk about tonight. my camera batteries died and i forgot to recharge / get new and was too busy at work again to sort out – so here i am at home yet again using the web cam.

boring foto. i tried to show you all my grey hairs but it seems even that didnt work.

thoughts from today:

why do we still email? the only reason i have to email is to communicate at work. but if we replaced this with an internal solution like yammer – we’d cut 90% of those out too.

swines and global financial crisis: a good excuse to keep us home?

more social networking sites: i got asked to join another yesterday and nearly had a meltdown myself. i’m an above average user I know and i’m struggling. let’s have a few goodies and work on getting those right hey?

BIG STATEMENT to anyone wanting to start up a new social media site: what makes you so special?

a great example is the new Heaps Good website. quite happy with this one. complete focus on SA. EVERYTHING HEAPS GOOD about SA will be encouraged to post. I added my work (purely SA based), my wine group (events are SA based), my girlfriends retail store and a restaurant i love. awesome.

the fun focus of the website will be a big hit, I’m sure!! xc

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