Day One Hundred & Twenty Eight

mum, why do you keep doing your twitter fotos with me in the background?

>>because ive been home all day and i have nothing else to talk about?

OK, that’s fine.


health. it’s important. and it sucks when we’re sick. but she’s a good spirited kid and she has been quite good about it all really (no sooks). she did try and be brave and get up earlier today but she realised just how crap she felt!!

having said that – she has read me out of house and home…!! LOL


but during the day (when on LinkedIn actually) i noticed a friend post about an awareness day. so i asked him if he’d posted it to FaceBook (no) and if he knew about Newsmaker (no). The only reason i mentioned it to him was because he’s from a charity organisation and they dont always have the big dollars for expensive media campaigns. Hey – who does these days?

He has subscribed to Newsmaker now and I’ve helped him create a FaceBook event, here:

Anyway… then i watched a new YouTube channel and the girl was talking about social media with Jeremiah Owyang (from Forrester), who said “the thing about social media is that it’s inexpensive”.

No surprises in the statement HOWEVER social media does take effort to get it right. And that’s the bit people forget.

Cheap as in “no dollars”. Not so cheap as in “time”.

Jeremiah should know – he confessed to doing his 2 hours of reading before work ie between 4am and 6am (and then sometimes on the weekend as well). That’s dedication for you!!


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