Day One Hundred & Forty Four

so, here we are @ the work community information day. my colleagues here include Hoang & Luci. it was a success – but quiet. a good thing as i got to shoot off early to buy some new shoes!!! yaaah i’m a chick so why not?

it’s an exhausting process getting ready for these days… and we do them as fully prepared as we can because being caught out not knowing an answer is certain death (LOL). when people dont turn up it can be deflating HOWEVER its also good because it just goes to show how much effort we had put in PRIOR.

(without speaking too soon, it appears the concerned & directly affected were obviously comfortable with our approach and how the transmission cable would affect them.

the common voice i have heard though is that residents and business’ alike are appreciating us at least taking the effort to get out there – so many times these days they have to “just accept” the next road being dug, the next construction truck thundering past, etc with no understanding as to why. it seems most other companies and/or government agencies just simply DO NOT take the time.

it’s a shame as they are the voters and they are our community. and we need to respect that.

i’m so glad we have taken the approach we have,. i can honestly say we will NOT have an easy ride next year when the construction fully starts and reality sets in… BUT they (the community) may at least remember that we did consider, we did check/ask and we are willing to listen … again. fingers crossed 🙂 xc

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