Day One Hundred & Eighty Seven

status re social networking sites & charlie’s interaction with them…

a) have started twittering again via 2 accounts (my personal one and my corporate/work). mainly as the adelaide crowd finally picked it up (co-inciding with our premier using it). i am however only really using it for PR and link releases. not really enjoying the interaction as i dont have the time to have a conversation (which is a shame) but it’s quite time consuming to try and watch the threads… to help me manage, I am using hootsuite (work/home) & dabr (on mobile)

b) i quite often use twitpic bia dabr to get my daily foto to the web (so that i can download it ready for flickr). crazy but work’s not keen on the mobile connecting with the laptop. so, am workign within limitations.

c) i tried msn for a while and hated it. well, that’s probably too strong an emotion but it’s not really for me to be frank. all too immediate, demanding and rushed LOL… maybe i’m too laidback?

d) i used to love the interaction on plurk… however the “social” on plurk went a bit pear shaped, incestuous and exclusive in my humble opinion (and many may object and that’s cool – we all have our own opinion). i still plurk occasionally… but my karma is dropping quickly 😦

e) all this coincided with the facebook status’ providing the ability to interact. so i feel i now have a similar chat experience on facebook that i went to plurk for – in fact that’s the reason i liked plurk. there are no secrets though!!

so, most of my interaction is via facebook now. ive sorted through a lot of the privacy issues by administering my friend list better, and i have groups of people with different settings etc… so, im making that work more for me. it’s looking like it’s all facebook at the moment!!

next week could be completely different.

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