Day One Hundred & Ninety Three

its sunday. whooohooo. i’ve declared this day off day from charlie day. i figured it was deserving – i’m over half way through the year and it is sunday after all. day of rest.

we had a fantastic sunday drive through the hills up to lobethal markets. nice coffee. tired food. yummy lollies. great shop out back for hats. strange people in costume dancing in square. random.

anyway, one could have thought it was going to go pair shaped because miss JM got motion sick (and yes, threw up), billy picked up a cow pat thinking it was a stick to throw (and yes, got covered in poo) and michael used his GPS (errrr, dirt roads & GPS’s? hmmm).

ooops. one would think technology would make things easier.

i guess it typically would. unless its michael. and then well, anything could happen. and does. so we key addy’s into the GPS and end up in the middle of no where.

it’s a great game when out driving – you should try it. seriously.

what a laff!!! xxx

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