perfection can make us all freeze…

not everything starts out looking perfect on day one. many projects take months to evolve and develop into anything that is worthy of release. and yet sometimes you need to just let go and start.

perfection can make us all freeze.
but what does it achieve?

everyday a new development, a new challenge, a new excitment can all sidetrack a project and cause “creep”. it can then cause delays, issues, blowouts and demotivation. so the trick is to remain focused. what is your ultimate gain? do you want to flutter those wings and fly… not away… but to greener pastures?

then the time really is to start today. lets start together. here’s some ideas:

  • book that meeting
  • clear that desk
  • change that lock
  • sign that paper
  • empty that inbox
  • do that paperwork
  • followup that lead.

once you have started you will find that the meeting brings fresh ideas, the desk produces new results, the lock unleashes a secure mind, the signed paper brings relief, the empty imbox leaves you focused on more important tasks, the paperwork frees the weekend and the lead brings new growth for the company.

have a good weekend.

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2 thoughts on “perfection can make us all freeze…

  1. What a timely blog. This week I have found myself at both ends – a major development in my business that was 14 months in the making – then massive low with other projects and frustration of the long lengths of time others make for decisions. I then took a step back, spoke with 2 mentors who provided an objective viewpoint (and a kick up the bum!) then re-aligned my thoughts back to the core vision I had when I started. But you have to keep trying, keep moving, keep batting – don’t stop, ever! But make sure you love what you do…


    1. thanks Todd… good to hear things got back on track!! its the keep trying, keep moving, keep battling, thats so important. thankyou – i agree!!

      i had to write this blog for myself (as i do) but i know that i feel what others do – so i voice it.

      can i say though – what you learnt over the 18mths has made your core vision stronger, better and more… so i hear that you have re-aligned which is good, but i reckon you’ve also now “aligned” with a far greater outcome.

      success to you my friend xx


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