the coffee addict

cappachino at ritual
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is dana.

great gal… loads of fun and i get to live with her in a share arrangement. the house is big enough (well mostly) for us to each live comfortably with her coffee machine. it can be testing at times but we are getting there. i, for one, refuse to go anywhere near the thing. the coffee machine that is. it’s a beast. not hairy but it’s a big gleaming steel thing that makes me go weak at the knees.

having said this dana, and now my daughter too, can both produce a mean coffee.

my daughter isnt fussed (im wondering if this is youth naivety tho or what?)… but they have both perfected it. to start with the coffees were a little too weak and milky. now they are much better. hmmmm, does this mean i am becoming a coffee snob? i know how i like my coffee made? no more nescafe instant with the white and one please… no, i’m a bean girl now!!

what do you like? dana has posed the question on her blog. scroll down and answer the question:

What is your coffee preference?

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