would appreciate your feedback in regards to this blog written yesterday… it’s an important subject to me.

to quote: “i believe that social media (online) should be incorporated into the overall corporate social responsibility to ensure the community it works within remains healthy.

…we no longer sit on the other side of the planet in our comfortable seats with no knowledge that there are kids playing on a beach getting covered by oil from a spill produced by BP. we know about this because of social media. and because of this, we want to know more. i’m sure you’ve all seen the YouTube video i’m referring to? if not, it’s here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QwsCHd7Lcg

corporate social responsibility in the social media space Image by Xavier Donat via Flickr corporate social responsibility has been around for years. in its traditional sense it means to give back and to ensure that the community it works within remains healthy. i am referring to the large corporates who have impact on our infrastructure, day to day life, health and well being. they are considered MAJOR contributors to our environment. i am talking anywhere from BP to SANTOS, from Telstra to Optus, from … Read More

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