Everything <- What does social media mean to you? (via Social [Media] Butterflies)

Hey – I do like Adrian’s summary here on the S[M]B’s blog… he responded “everything” when asked “what doers social media mean to you” and this blog explains why – in a very comprehensive and clever way. Top points!! :))

Everything <- What does social media mean to you? Everything was the 1st thing to come to mind when Charlie popped the question. I have had time to reflect and have come up with the following: E = Engagement – whether it is Govt-2-Govt (G2G); Govt-2-Business (G2B); or Govt-2-Community (G2C) engagement. The choice of platform is crucial; and should reflect the target audience. It is a case of get this fundamental component wrong; and the opportunity is forever lost. V = Value – this is a personal … Read More

via Social [Media] Butterflies

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