i’ll say upfront (so i dont put off 50% of you) i dont like ANY of them.

i am so over election commercials. i dont really watch TV so anything like this is going to cause me grief regardless. but these are the painful variety because they are SO FREQUENT. have they paid for ever second of air play they can possibly muster? and if they have – what is the cost??

it (the cost) must be enormous. now, i know… not all of it is from tax payers dollars. this is the good bit. but if it isnt all from tax payers dollars, it is from somewhere else. right? so, it would be from a corporate? a personal wealth income or similar. in fact, a source of income that could be put to better use like supporting a charity, health service or our community.

is a paid advertisement worthy of this replacement? this loss of income for supporting our community. do we need it?

not in my opinion. but is it just me? what do you think?