challenging tasks

chatting tonight and i heard students have to write 100 things that challenge the traditional concept of a restaurant. yeaks. hard. then i read on amber’s blog ( she wants to know seven things you are looking forward to about summer. all good. easy?


easy for them.


for me. gee.

1) beach. warmth.

2) grass. smell.

3) brown. bodies.

4) friends. laugh.

5) water. splash.

6) christmas. birfday.

7) partee. partee.

and i’m sure there’s way more. but that was a task for the kids to do. what lists do you like to write about? #FB (facebook) has been creating applications since day one to make people reply to quiz. the eternal quest for knowledge and understanding is a key thread to keeping people interested. we want to know what you like, we want to know what you think, we want to know because you like to talk about yourself. and your thoughts.


and this is good. people exploring thought. i like it.

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