It’s wine. Get over it. (via DeadRed WineGroup)

Here’s the blog about the next deaders event. Am very excited to be hosting wake nine. I feel privileged things have progressed this far… it’s taken dedication, effort, tears and a whole lotta help from some very special people.

People come and go into my life but as I look to the future with my book, my 11th event on the 11/11/11, and now an event to be held interstate, I can only feel lucky. I know this is going to seem to some like I am tooting my horn… they may even say “again”… however I do feel very lucky to have the support of many. My online world is important… not everything happens up here but I do expose a lot of myself. I think we would all appreciate the online world is not regular life… we have a certain amount that we PR, or just don’t expose… too many have been caught or embarrassed when they haven’t kept “mum” about some stuff. It’s only a given that I do. And why wouldn’t I? In a way, this is my work. My group, my CharlieDesign Initiatives wouldn’t be what they are without the online world. We all protect those things that give to us. Especially when it also helps pay our way to look after our kids.

So, this is my little message of hope for the future, for people to understand there is an online me and there’s a human me. Sometimes they overlap, but mostly I keep them in check. Not everyone is like this – and nor should they be. But it is very much part of my world. And I hope you understand.

Look forward to seeing you again xc

It's wine. Get over it. Want to look better than everyone else? Want to become a wine snob? No, not really? We don’t either. The sort of things you have to know about and have to know how to pronounce before you can even just order a drink sometimes makes wine all too difficult. But our group always likes to try wine. We just want to have fun with our fellow wine group friends, and enjoy a decent glass whilst we unearth some rather old stuff. Our events are snob free, h … Read More

via DeadRed WineGroup

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