Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 10 June 2011


I learnt a new word today: adaptogen

It’s when you have/eat/take something but the body only accepts what it needs. Had a bit of an interesting reaction to the vitamins I had put myself onto and so I’ve decided to stop them and return to just eating normal healthy stuff again until I work out more fully why I turned into a space cadet!! They had me flying off walls – believe me.

So, here’s my homemade minestrone soup – with no meat!! It’s vegetarian. Tasted YUMMY. All good 🙂


3 thoughts on “Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 10 June 2011

    1. yes, i took your advise of travelling the more normal road…. Kelly said she can test my reaction to the vitamins in the clinic but it probably wont happen til next week. til then, i had better just stick to healthy food options and vitamins that I know I’m OK with!! as much as the cyberspace episode was “interesting”. LOL. xx


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