They are called morning walks for a reason, I am sure. Oh heck – it’s because they are in the morning!! DOH. When everyone else has either gone to work, school, or somewhere, it’s just idiots like me who have to motivate myself away from the home office to get some exercise into my day.


Laugh away… it’s OK.

But might I just say…

Whilst I couldn’t speak to my walking buddy Lara until after the first few sips of my coffee… the walking of the two dogs and the almost jog home did wonders for my spirit. Felt energised by the time I walked in the front door. So, it was worth it.

Now I am back at the desk and working. It’s here my fingers, eyes and brain get a good going over. Constantly writing or researching something. Those strategies don’t come from no-where.

So, onwards with my day,

I must away… but I will get a little bit of play.