Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 17 June 2011

Onliners come in all shapes and sizes. Some are here to connect with family, some are here to promote their business, some are here to simply connect. In many ways when I started my online journey all those years ago now it was purely for work purposes. I lived in an IT world… project administration, eCommerce, online banking, extranets and making it happen. It engulfed my life. I watched the crash, the Y2K succeed and the birth of social media. its been a good journey.

So it never surprised me when I immersed myself into the “age of conversation“. In many ways I turned to it frequently to clarify my thoughts (they say we talk to ourselves online) and express my opinion (like two millions others do daily). Doing the Twitter 365 project (a daily foto and associated blog) in 2009 certainly made me recognise my moods and emotions and was quite eye opening. It gave me acceptance in many ways of how and who I am. Which is an important thing and something not everyone can do. Many live for years with self doubt and really struggle with emotions. To the point they turn to enhancers or other things to give them the comfort or fulfillment they need. each day millions of people take prescription drugs for all sorts of reasons. I am not about to tell them to stop (no way) but in many ways, my connection with a world that is outside of my day to day life (ie online not offline… or virtual not earth) provides a different perspective and grounding that settles me. better than any prescription drug.

Exercise has the same influence. The natural endorphin’s that are released make us feel good. having affirmations from people online makes us feel good. And we all need that in life!! This is why we’re loving #hearttime. It makes us feel good! YAH.

But, what i’ve found recently (especially when its cold) is a reluctance to START the exercise. I’m great once it’s all done and those endorphin’s are soaring through my body… but… my new challenge is to be more positive about starting the basic exercise. the actual “doing”. It’s like starting and finishing a blog. Some days it flows naturally… and others… well, we need a motivation and positive energy just to make it happen.

“so, what did you do today to make you feel good?”

I shared a conversation with a person who makes me smile and they helped me write this blog. #hearttime was an online time shared by two which made me feel good.


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