Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 25 June 2011

The best cure ever for an exhausted body is good food… and the beach. Well, it works for me anyway!!

Here we have Barramundi with a Dukkah crust, on a bed of potato and salad. sigh. delightful!! #lifedoesntgetbetterthanthis

Of course going back to the Grange Kiosk is just one of those homecoming beacon soothing things that makes me feel good. I grew up down the road and the kisok was my first job out of school. I do love the beach. Have always said I want to live there. Always end up somewhere else – even as far as Sydney for goodness sakes. Why? Surely we should go where our #heart takes us? It’s a curious thing. Almost as if because I grew up there, if I returned to live, it would be like going back. It is what it is though… and I love it. So, perhaps one day I’ll get over my issues enough to really do something about it. Maybe finally get that little unit in West Beach. Who knows hey?

Good food. Good beach. Good friends. Good wine. Good times.

These are the things life is made of. Simple.

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