Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 29 June 2011

My blog post for #hearttime 27 spoke of my passion for social media… but of course my main income is derived from communication strategies and project managing website developments, engagement programs, media plans, corporate events, and even sponsorship arrangements. And all strategies need an “edge”. That winning ticket.

It doesnt matter whether it be a campaign internally to a company or experienced by a small number of people, the edge is still needed. It is needed to “engage“. So, each day when I commit to my Healthy Heart Challenge… I have also committed to writing my blog. And so I need to find that “edge” that will help me “engage”. I say every day “what the hell am I going to write about?” Believe me – its not actually as easy as it looks!!

**1.26pm: before I finish this post, I’m off for my walk. back soon**

“life is what happens whilst your busy making other plans”

(what a goofy grin above – oh well)

So, my walk yesterday at the beach must have killed my legs because today I was a wobbly walker and sore!! Couldn’t run or walk quickly, so had to walk slowly like an old lady. What a sight!! haha So, happy the sun was out again tho and it was a beautiful day. I stopped along the way to look at the sights, check the butterflies and snap some shots!

To be frank I wasnt out long – as was back by 2pm – but at least I did it. And I enjoyed it. #hearttime thanks

So, like my social media blog and the question “what do i talk about today?“, I have learnt that I need to keep going. I need to be more disciplined with my walking. One step at a time. Even through the pain. Didn’t someone once say “no pain, no gain”.

#hearttime helps #sunshine helps #beachfront helps

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