Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 30 June 2011

End of financial year came and went…
the cold returned,
the sun hid,
my #hearttime slid.

That’s what it did.
It did.

5 thoughts on “Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 30 June 2011

    1. i am spent
      my sun has dent
      the cold should be sent
      return life … i wish i could invent

      hmmm not my best phrase… “i wish i could invent four lifestyle for the four seasons to keep moods in check, life in train and happiness on track”



      1. The Fifth Season

        In the spring of life, in the flower of youth,
        Everything is bright and new.
        In the summer of life,
        Time of growth and change,
        Each day brings new dreams to pursue.
        In the autumn of life,
        There’s a settling down –
        Contentment and sureness in what we do.
        In the winter of life,
        Comes peace and wisdom,
        Time to relax and reminisce, too…
        But with the passing of these seasons,
        Life is still not done, not through,
        For there is yet another season,
        When each spirit is renewed.
        And it is in this calm fifth season,
        In this hopeful second spring,
        A time of cleansing and rebirth,
        A time of new awakening.
        Each person’s life will come full circle,
        Even as the seasons do,
        To start another, different life,
        Much better than the one we knew. -C.A. Schlea


      2. Beautiful Lorraine… (hope you are well)

        Spring flowers that I smell,
        In winters cold will tell,
        Summers adventures well,
        For in autumn we will ring that bell…

        I have come out of my shell 🙂

        Thankyou xx


  1. Thank you Charlie

    I am well indeed and I trust so are you.

    Winter is the season where we experience challenges and difficulties in our life. It can feel like a cold and lonely time. Our life may appear bleak. We may be dealing with storms in our life which creates fear and anxiety for us. However, we need periods of winter in our lives. These winter times provide us with important learning and understanding. It is through the challenges and difficulties in life that we learn our most valuable lessons. Winter also helps us to appreciate and be grateful for what we have. Without periods of winter in our lives we can take for granted all of the goodness that we experience.

    Love and Light to you.

    Lorraine x


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