Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 24 July 2011

A lazy hazy crazy day… preparing for a busy week!

This week I start my new short-term writing contract and go off to Geraldton WA for DeadReds (number two). The trip will be with a group of DeadRed friends/members (Paul, Dana, Maria, Belinda, John, Martin and Sandra!!) and this time round I have been sponsored and so am providing a lunch time seminar for a group of business people in the town. Am really looking forward to it all and I believe the group will have a fun time away together!!

But what an interesting week all round.

It continually shines through – good friends are hard to find and I appreciate immensely those who are loyal and true. They come from all walks of life, keep you in strife, and would fall on the knife. #hearttime

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