Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 1/2 August 2011

An insight into my last few days.

Love, luck, life… DeadReds sold out and was relaxing.

Since starting DeadReds in 2007 I havent stopped. Every event, thing or reason has been because of me. That’s great but holding this event in Geraldton was kinda selfishly nice because it was relaxing. I dont think they even expected me to make a speech!! hahahaa errr yeah right? I did of course – off the cuff.


I’m sure over the years there have been people who thought I ignored them (at DeadRed events), or didnt talk to them, but from the moment the event commences set up, I just DON’T STOP. If I get 2 seconds to myself, it’s used to think about my next move to keep the crowd going and happy. It’s just working/managing the room, but it’s exhausting for me. I guess if it’s something you do every day, it would be easier, but I only do this stuff every few months (and i’m a naturally behind the scenes person anyway). I’m in awe of the pros. Either that or bring on a day job where I get into the swing and this becomes a breeze – because I do love it.

In Geraldton I didn’t have to work the room!! (so yeah, i guess there will be people yet again who think I’m a snob – hahaha whatever). But yep, I too felt ignored, brushed aside and kinda weird (being at my baby and not being in charge is kinda weird) but in all honesty, it was good to just relax and enjoy the event without having to think about what I had to do next. Gee, I even got to sample some of the wines with Maria and friends!! GOSH. It’s nice to take time to just chill.

Of course then I returned to work yesterday and the floor doors from the lifts were locked – so a healthy day climbing the eight flights of stairs each way to enter and exit the building. hahahaaa not so relaxing but definitely healthy!!

Tip of the day: Chew your food.

Sounds odd I know, but this is one of the most important parts of digestion and without good digestion we cannot absorb those vital nutrients!

Try not to inhale your lunch as we all sometimes do but instead take your time and eat consciously. Happier tummies mean happier hearts.

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