framing: perceiving and interpreting

my status update: #lightingretrofit by Nic who’s screwed and complaining he needs two more inches

ummm. so what am i really saying? well, we as you know, we all say things differently online. ive written about this before (here). to continue and to expand… a person writes comments or statements framed a certain way to get a specific response. the framing effect, one of the cognitive biases, describe that presenting the same option in different formats can alter people’s decisions (and hence responses).

so. it’s how we perceive and interpret.

politicians use it daily to persuade us to consider the option they want us to. corporates use it to engage and have their way. facebook users use it to cause a stir or a reaction. good or bad, at the end of the day, it is the way of online interactions. #learnings

Final response from Nic: “Spending half my life on tippy toes with my hands in the air! Some interesting blood flows lately!?”

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