Topics and themes being unearthed… part one…

“On a deeper psychological level, users often describe how their computer is an extension of their mind and personality – a “space” that reflects their tastes, attitudes, and interests.

When one experiences cyberspace as [an] extension of one’s mind – as a transitional space between self and other – the door is thrown wide open for all sorts of fantasies and transference reactions to be projected into this space. Under ideal conditions, people use this as an opportunity to better understand themselves, as a path for exploring their identity as it engages the identity of other people. Under less than optimal conditions, people use this psychological space to simply vent or act out their fantasies and the frustrations, anxieties, and desires that fuel those fantasies.

Will people WANT to give up those spaces that lack face-to-face cues but are rich in imaginative ambiguity? ”  Not my words… but those of John Suler’s as part of the The Psychology of Cyberspace written a long time again but still extremely valuable work. I am in awe of people who can be so in tune and yet futuristic. As he writes, “Truth comes out in jest.” Read more here:

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