Is it just me, or are all #adelaide social media identities, freelance sole operators? Are there any left, working as an employee, inside of a traditional ad agency or business?

If it’s true it does seem fair on one count, but unfair on another. I’ll explain.

To me, the power of the individual in social media is king. Or queen – if you are female. It’s what make social media tick, ie people liking and following and starting conversations etc. Some have hundreds of followers, some just a few – but this is what we measure, ie the influence and klout etc etc. Yes, we could talk and pontificate for hours.

So, if #adelaide social media identities, are all freelance sole operators, I beg to ask the question “does this mean traditional business, even in ad agencies etc, are unable to cope with this new dynamic of having an identity for people to follow?”.

I’m hoping I’m wrong but I have to throw it out there and get some comments… if we consider TV and radio, the main or lead character always generate their own following… you see overseas that an “identity” in social media quite often has a bigger following than the company they work for etc etc.

So, why cant we do this in #adelaide? Why are we so controlled. What’s the future?