Who are you? What do you stand for? How does that translate online?

Personal branding is not a term we flash around in friendship circles, especially when chatting about Facebook. Its a term that has typically been reserved for professionals (say executives and CEO’s) and those in the public spotlight. But, in essence, it means how one portrays oneself. So, it is more relevant in our new age of conversation – and learning.

So, let’s have a look at this. Firstly, who are you and what do you stand for?

Some people share their thoughts, opinions and actions naturally. This is sometimes good, sometimes not so. Others need a bit of mentoring. The age old “ooops I did it again” is OK offline (down at the pub because not many people are witness to it), just not so online. Why? Well, social media has changed the playing field. We know of the many scenarios where people have lost their jobs, hurt feelings and broken relationships etc etc etc but in our “coming of age” what have we really learnt? How should we handle things differently?

Well, at the end of the day we are human. I, for one, am not going to change the person I am… and nor should you. But there is that moment when we need to stop and think… does this really need to be shown past the people in the room? Do I really need to add this (personal situation) to the global network? Because in doing so it will end up in the news feed for all to see (depending on your security settings of course).

Then there are the things we stand for. Whether is be animal protection, having fun with friends, enjoying food/wine/art, loving our work or just simply sharing ideas… the more we engage and interact with people and profiles, the more depth we learn about that person… and the more #fun we have online.

Of course, seeing this in you, I feel I don’t need to use the Facebook “causes” application or anything else similar, because I see it from you. And once again, this highlights the best in social media… sharing and caring through the mouths of others.

What do you think? What do you stand for – and what ends up in your news feed to friends?

One thought on “Who are you? What do you stand for? How does that translate online?

  1. My kind neighbour replied to the removal of some trees on my property, lane-way divided, that the gentlemen who removed said trees, damaged thier fence. Do I scream now or later?


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