The natural look – our online personal branding and style

People have always said I’m brave with my online foto sharing however it doesn’t bother me to look natural in pictures (no makeup) because that’s who I am – natural!

However, it is interesting that social media is causing this new dilemma for friends, that of being “caught out”, typically a dilemma only reserved for those followed by paparazzi in the past. Add to this, the “street wear fashion” blogging reporting style and you have everyone quacking in their boots even more! Of course, we are talking about our personal branding and how we portray ourselves… typically only seen by friends before (and the immediate community around us).

I do feel however, that it gets a tad boring and beyond necessary when we start reporting stuff like this? Read this article:  What do you think? #trashymedia

Anyway… I’m going to start a new ongoing commentary about how we portray ourselves, online. Our online personal brand and style. It will be my own opinion (obviously) and most of the fotos will be mine – I am a regular source of content after all!! The commentary will hopefully contain some element of learnings for others, similar to the recent post about Profile Pictures (Read here: ). So, let’s engage…

***Of course if you have any specific questions or articles that you would like me to share, comment or post, please let me know.

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