Best of Photographs for 2011 – what’s yours?

The usual round of links covering the best photographs for 2011 (typically from the professional journalist photographers) are delivered via the news stream however it’s not often you stumble over a blog post of similar style from an artist you have never heard of before and think “yep, I love them“. This one I did just that… through the social networking interwebs that keep us thriving and striving for unearthing that next gorgeous piece of information and clue, this one came to me and I was captured. Each image is gorgeous, yet different. Such a vast variety of style. Each representing a piece of life.

I do, I love them.

Take a look:

And, even if you are not as inspired as I was, that’s OK… I just simply love the interweaving interwebs of the internet and I’m very into it. xc


PS I’m also rather hoping Darrin doesn’t mind me inserting his picture into this post – but I can and will remove if he does.

2 thoughts on “Best of Photographs for 2011 – what’s yours?

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