I’m not Paparazzi, but I surround myself with Photographers

Par for the course really. My job and passion (social media) is highly visual. For clients in the main but also for my wine group and of course, me.. Photos and photoshoots don’t happen “all the time” but when they do, I like to know that I have a reliable team to lean on. So, here are some of the ones I have used and the reason why:

Seemingly Sane: Jason

If you need a personal photo, that is more edgy and daring, and you are willing to be taken out of your comfort zone (all whilst solved and comforted back into it), Jason is your photographer. He has been doing out there photos for like ever man. He also has an amazing network of body artists, makeup artists and anyone else you might need.

Freelance-Images: Warren Edwards

For the more relaxed, personal shot, ask Warren. He likes to capture people when they are not looking, so you get a very “not posed” photo. This (to me), has been helpful for clients who need photos of themselves doing their thing but not looking “wanky”. A great example is Tricia Rushton Consulting.

Both Jason and Warren are great at events, unobtrusively wandering around snapping away capturing the moment and the memories to share later.

The there’s Helen Aubert 

Helen takes the most delightful photos of me and my family. My mum loves her and feels comfortable with Helen. I’m not saying she wouldn’t with others, but it is important for people/photographers to build a relationship and develop friendships over time. The loyalty and naturalness shows through as each learn from each other.

Of course, my DeadRed Wine Group Photographers are many. A sampling of their works have been captured in my book Unearthing.

None of these people are “high-end” or expensive. They just produce very good photos for very good prices and are very reliable.


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